Look out for Interview With British Colonel Richard Kemp This Sunday


I hope you'll watch me on Sunday on Fox at eight P.m. Eastern. If he can't watch it live, you know there's a lot of stuff going on at eight p.m. sports and so forth. I hope youll d Viard. We're going to have an incredibly powerful show focused. In Afghanistan focused on the geopolitical issues related to it. Focused on the consequences of this. We're going to have Two tremendous guests. Remember my head on the program the other day. The former Commander of British forces in Afghanistan, and so many of you were very, very impressed. He's going to be on for part of the show. First time on Fox. So I think you'll see it. And by the way, this guy is like Hollywood. Is like pick for the role and he has been sent to hotspots. By the British military, his entire military career. And he's very blunt spoken. I think those of you who did not hear him on the program on the radio and you're going to. You're gonna fall in love with him. His name is, uh Colonel retired Richard Kemp. He's very, very well known outside of, you know, we the civilians Loves the United States. And he was in battle, and he led battle in the early days. The Brunos brutal part of the battles. Again on behalf of the British. So, uh, I think that will be very interesting. And others as well. So please be prepared for Sunday. We're going to have a wonderful program. Very, very informative, Very substantive. And after I'm sure Colonel Kemp is on my program. You'll see him on all the fox programs. That's just kind of the way it works. And you know what? That's okay.

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