A highlight from 916: Zig Ziglars Famous Pump Story

The Ziglar Show


Have you ever heard ziegler's infamous story about the pump. It became his signature talk and today. The pomp is part of ziegler's iconic brand as a result. So you need to know the analogy. I and in this episode we also cover the need for your business to have a brand like the pop. Something it's known for and people want to associate with welcome to ziglar show a top ranked all time career podcast in apple. Podcast i'm your host. Kevin miller in this show we expound on zig ziglar be doing have philosophy meaning. You have to be the right kind of person and do the right things before you can expect to have what really matters in life and we want you to have what matters. Also check out my podcast. What drives you where we talk with. People who have reached impressive achievements. Ask what drove them. Good and bad and we dig into the very motives that drive us all with the goal of clarifying. Just what is driving you then. It might true life podcast. We wanna get you fully-functioning physically so your body doesn't hold you back. You could find all three of my shows in apple. Podcast just search for kevin miller to my website. Kevin miller dot c.

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