'Time Warp Comedy' 3 Decades of Headliners Freisen, Kindler, & Seinfeld Show #85 - burst 1


How many kids. You guys have to all right good. Did you videotape the birth good. Don't we did and now that tape is just sitting up there on the show. I know it's gonna change a whole father son. Talk daddy come from well if you wanna grab some popcorn and lower the lights and explain to self really well. That's a different team together. We don't normally believe in spanking but your mom very bad that day. Guy that gruner last prenatal visit our nurse told us that are obstetricians. Also magician on the side. I was cracking up. I kept picturing my wife in the birthday. He's pulling out handkerchief behind rear. Is this your baby drinks. The umbilical cord good heared has got a big closer. Congratulations mr freezing. It's boy. well. Thanks but hey. Where is ball's they're under one of these cups expensive raising kids. People always putting pressure on you. They're always saying things. Are you saving it for his college yet. Paid for my college man. One deal at a time here. I know i'm going to have to walk them up to the financial the people i still. No i got a tab going right. Yeah no doubt. I am alive. Yes

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