Matt Damon Runs Deep in “Stillwater”


That take people into unexpected and difficult places. And that's the case in the new film. Still Water starring Matt Damon, I'm trying to get my little girl out of jail. That's all I give a damn about. You sound very American right now. Good. I am. Yeah. And you're also a stranger here. What did you do? You just have to trust me. Well, let's talk about it with Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday, who joins us on Skype. It's great to have you back in. Thank you so much. Hello. Hello. So the premise of this film seems to have been inspired by real world cases of Americans who have been imprisoned overseas. Tell us about it and how this this film takes it on. And how does it do? Well, it is, um Sean is based on the Amanda Knox case, which I'm sure a lot of people will remember that Amanda Knox was imprisoned in Italy for murdering her fellow exchange. A fellow exchange student and filmmaker Tom McCarthy, of course, who won the Oscar a few years ago for the wonderful movie spotlight took that as a jumping off point, but really only that this does not. This is not a retelling of the Amanda Knox story. He focuses on a father character here, played by Matt Damon, who, as you heard in the clip comes to Marseille, where she's in prison. And and, um, first just on a routine visit, but then following up on a lead to maybe get her released and I think you know McCarthy is a wonderful film maker that's been as well established in his previous work, but He does slip here a little bit only because he wants this to be a lot of different movies in one way. It's an international thriller. Almost in that tradition of taken with a guy you know, trying to do the right thing by his daughter, Um, and then it also turns into a love story. The the wonderful French actors Camille Catan from a terrific Netflix series called Call My Agent. Plays a woman single Mom was whom heap of friends and they have a wonderful chemistry going on that I was very intrigued with, but then it gets. There's also kind of under underlying political

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