Baseball Fans Behaving Badly Have Got to Go


Dugo kerfuffle over the baseball barely going to touch on this. I would say only that verdoux goes response. You know you can't throw a baseball at people I don't really care if it was an accident or not You know reports from the stands claim that the person who threw the baseball getting bullied by other yankee fans to throw it back onto the field and he did and he hit alex for do go with the baseball verduga panicked and screamed at everybody a lot of pent up frustration there. Yeah gotta throw that guy out. Sorry i can't stay and watch baseball would love this same energy though. Who reared up over the green monster in two thousand eighteen and chuck to baseball all the way back in the field and hit giancarlo stanton at second base rounding the bases on his home. Run i've heard from a lot of people saying that Throwing a baseball back after homerun is tradition. Throwing a baseball back in the middle of the sixth inning is not tradition. Okay yeah but maybe you should be throwing a baseball ever and then for the guy I've also seen a lot of people saying you know. He threw it from close range right of redo go. There's no way that the fan throwing the ball knew he could be hitting stanton from that far away. Well that guy reared back and through baseball from the left field stands all the way to second base so you didn't think he was hitting stanton but he's certainly didn't think he was avoiding players with his baseball because when you rear back and try to throw the ball two hundred feet. You're getting pretty close to the baseball players. Baseball players are on the dirt and on the grass. That's where the baseball players are. So when you're huckabee'll that hard you know the ball's gonna land near some Some baseball guys.

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