New Zealand Suspends Quarantine-Free Travel


I leave the new zealand. Government has unfortunately posed the trans-tasman bubble from midnight. Last night. judy concerns about rising nineteen case. Thomason australia the pause effects travel from all the states and territories to new zealand and will remain in effect for eight weeks new zealand citizens. Permanent resident and fees. The whole is currently in australia. As well as trillion citizens who have recently been in new zealand and left on or off to the six april this year as well as their family members will still be allowed to return to new zealand on quarantaine free flights until next friday the thirtieth of july but this excludes anyone who's been in new south wales in the past fourteen days. Who would soon need to enter two weeks of managed isolation and quarantine on arrival back in new zealand and at the moment anyone traveling from victoria to new zealand over the next week. We'll need to self isolate for three days and get a curve attest. After arriving back in new zealand off the thirtieth of july once. That's finish next. Friday qantas's jetstar will spend almost all of their trans-tasman services at least until the twenty fifth of september when the bubble is currently scheduled to resume any zealand will continue operating but only limited trans-tasman flights and to and from oakland with various parts of new south. Wales victoria and south australia old. Currently on lockdown olas trillion station. Terry trees have unfortunately also reimposed restrictions on interstate travel and this is unfortunately prompted rex to cancel. All of its boeing seven three seven passenger services starting from tuesday of this week until at least the of august. I just on the two weeks of this point.

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