This Is Why Marxists and Communists Are so Addicted to Language


In his book, double Talk the Language of Communism, Harry Hodgkinson wrote again from American Marxism quote. Language was two marks. The direct reality of thought. Ideas do not exist, divorced from it. Language was to mark the direct reality of thought. In other words, you can mold thought you can mold reality. He said. Ideas do not exist, divorced from it. Other words, propaganda and for Joseph Stalin. The reality of thought manifests itself in language, he said. Words are tools as well as weapons, each fashion for a precise function. The language of communism. It's not so much a means of explaining to an unbeliever what Communism means. But an armory of weapons and tools intended to produce Supporter dissolve opposition to communist policies. The part of people either hostile or indifferent to them. This is why They always steal the language. And changed the nomenclature. The meaning of a Communist word is not what you think, it says, but what effect it is intended to produce. And the impact it is to have on you.

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