How God Arranged Mallory Millet's Meeting with Mother Theresa


I have this attitude. That god's gonna make whatever he wants to have happened to me happen to me. So i'm not going to punch people out to be able to your mother theresa meet their breathlessly right shoving people out off into a ditch. So i meet the singer. So i just said to thomas. Let's leave because this is humiliating. And i can see that she's disgusted. She does not like being treated like a rockstar. She's not happy about this. So i said let's leave. Let's leave so we leave we and we're going to try to find a way out of this building and is this big church in the bronx some enormous cathedral or something. I don't know what it was but it was very hard to find your way out. We were going up and down weird always and things and suddenly. We came down some little stairs. Lisa had finally caught up with us and the three of us see little doorway down there that goes out to an alley and we said good. Good this way to get out. Don't tell me so mick jagger the yelling you're such your riot. This is one of the funniest people on earth people. This man is so funny. Anyway We head toward the door and justice. We opened the store onto this alleyway. Just back back. Thin little tiny alleyway. We opened the door. This pickup truck suddenly pulls up right in front of the doorway and stops. So we've opened the door. And the next thing i know. Mother theresa is her face is here. She sitting in the passenger seat of this pickup truck with the window. Open and all of a sudden thomson standing here. And here's mother teresa's is away from yours right why she is why i mean. First of all there wasn't even during a pickup truck. I what the whole thing was. So i was thinking driving an suv. Something no she. And how did she get from where she was right. And we did all told the padre peo- by location about that and imagine so anyway there. She is in the window to feed from my face and she said well. Hello and i said mother. Teresa a wonderful And she put out her hand. And that's what i was going to tell you. there was a handshake. Yeah and this handshake. Now this was before mick jagger a year before this was the most exquisite handshake that i have ever ever until that moment experienced in my life. That woman's heart and soul were in her handshake. The warmth the beauty of she was so warm and open to thomasson me. She chatted with us a little when she shook my hand. I kissed her hand. I was so moved by by god. Creating this insane coincidence this weird place where we we got our own private little moment with her in a truck and a pickup truck. And all i have to say is the two greatest handshakes i ever had in. My life were from saint and a bit of a

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