Quitting Is Not an Option


I'm teaching out of a book that we won't be releasing until next spring. So you're getting the book before the book. You're getting the message before it's ever released and it's called. It's never too late to begin again. I love that then. God there's always a place for new beginnings and you know as i said last night the bible doesn't put any limit on how many new beginnings we can have it doesn't just say you can have two new beginnings and then too bad for you. It doesn't even say that you can only have fifty new beginnings. I think the fact that god's mercy is new every day shows us that god is ready to give us a fresh start anytime we're ready to have one. How many of you in this place tonight need a fresh start. You need a new place to begin in some area maybe in your finances and your health and your marriage maybe like your whole wife. You need a whole fresh. Start with your new live. There's a lot of people got their hand up for that too. And i just want you to know that. Quitting is not an option. That's the title of this. Most is not quitting is not an option. You may feel like giving up but we're not gonna let you. We're going to tell you tonight. You gotta get up instead of giving up. You're going to get up and press into the new beginning. That god has for you and live the life that god wants you to live.

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