Heres Why Tesla Is so Important


Everybody raum our here and today we're gonna be talking about a couple of really important reports. First tesla's most recent impact report which has a ton of fascinating details and it won't go through the highlights. There that release also coincided with a huge new report on climate change by the will spend some time on that as well and then we've got a few other quick hits of news which will run through at the beginning. Quick look at tesla stock another relatively low volume day to day to start the week off just under fifteen million shares traded but tussles up two point one percent on the day to seven hundred and thirteen dollars. Seventy six cents that compared to the nasdaq up about two tenths of a percent. Cosstalk did see an upgrade today from jeffries and almost philippa who schwa- upgrading from neutral to buy which as we've talked about upgrades like that where they're actually rewriting. The stock those are more significant to analysts than press targeted adjustments. But that being said he did increase his price. Target from seven hundred dollars per share up to eight hundred fifty. From the note quote valuing tesla is as challenging as ever we raise our discounted cash flow base price target from seven hundred dollars to eight hundred fifty dollars on higher profitability and accelerated growth. While at thirty five percent five year compound annual growth rate. we remain below tessa. Guidance of fifty percent as trend growth desa currently trades on nine times revenue and sixty two times earnings before interest and tax a level disconnected with auto multiples but in our view more consistent with net growth lack of legacy issues and wider addressable markets including energy generation and storage and one. Quick little note here. Just because i do see these inflated allot tesla has guided for greater than fifty percent growth compounded annually for vehicle deliveries. That doesn't necessarily mean revenue would grow at fifty percent. Plus obviously it very well could but that's not what tesla has specified so to me. It's not super clear but it does look like in this case. Jefferies is comparing their revenue forecasts tesla's vehicle delivery guidance and tennessee that a lot so just wanted to point that out next year. We've got an update on giga texas. From joe tag mayer. He does drawn flyovers there and remember last week. We had talked about him here. He that tussle was going to be doing a test. Production run for the mentawai next week. Which would not be this week

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