Announcement: Gentlemen Don't Get Caught, an R.E.M. Podcast, hosted by Ally Pitts & Lyn Seren


Longtime listeners will recall lynn. The you and i when we watched less than ever said we made a silly joke that we would never gonna do anything about yet. Says me right that we would go to stop an rem podcast. We did those letter. Never sent is an ram song. Well we went and did it. We went and did it. We went into the goods. And that's why with tens of episodes in tens of episodes. Yeah i mean. We're we're well into that commercial heyday so we asked starting Yes are we started from the first ep chronic town. We'd be doing it track by track. Each of the episodes are fairly manageable length. I hope and unlike certain other podcast. It's the opposite of reese falls it's mosul to it's much poorer quality much less funnier than full your offer that i'm bringing my game. It's wasted on me. We're willing to nineties willing to peak rem so planted to catch up on. Come join us as we age outs of become rian indeed. Yeah i is this magnificent show. Cold lips colds.

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