From Gay to Gospel: The Fascinating Story of Becket Cook


Folks talking to beckett cook beckett cook you just shared something reprised the last couple of sentences. You were Living as a gay man in hollywood for a long time and then one day one day. I walked twelve years ago i walked into. I was invited to an evangelical church in hollywood and against my better judgement. I kind of just went. And and i when i heard the gospel preached and after the after the sermon during the worship time i had this radical kind of road to damascus encounter with god completely changed my entire life did at one eighty and i. I knew immediately that day. That homosexuality was no longer my identity that it was no longer a part of my future. Dating guys wasn't a part of my future. But i didn't care because i just met jesus and i'm like i'm going with that guy like forget those guys. Jesus is way better. And he's always faithful and they'll never leave prefer sick me so since that day. I've let's say my same sex attraction before that day was at one hundred percent after that god had so much grace on me that it barely it doesn't dominate. my thought. Life had barely barely think about it every once in a while. They'll be a moment of same sex attraction. But i'm not quote unquote cured of that. But i'm happy. I'm more than happy to to deny myself to deny my desires sinful desires take cross and follow christ no matter what and and i prayed. I've prayed over the years. And i've had elders at my church. Pray over me. Four sexual healing for healing for the sexual broken. I've experienced in my life. Because as a kid when i was nine years old. I was molested by friend's father. So i prayed for healing but as as paul did when paul prayed for the thornton is flesh to be removed. Got said no. My grace is sufficient for you. My power is made perfect in weakness. And so for now for now. God's greatest sufficient for me i mean it always will be but i don't. The goal isn't heterosexuality. The goal is holding

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