Rays Beat Red Sox 12-7


We gotta start with a crazy game in boston. Yesterday the tampa bay rays against the red sox early on it looked like the red sox. We're going to be in control. You'll launch weighing line drive down. Alethia likes the extra bases hits the track roles in the corner. What run is scored. Here comes j. d. wrapping held at third. It's an rbi double a to double for doll back. And the red sox lead sixth one. Joe castiglione w e ninety three point seven. Fm the red sox would extend their lead to seven to one. But you know what the race came back on the pitch swing and a fly ball to center field but while it's gonna pushback for dugo. He's on the worst track and it's going to clear the basis wall scores arose arena. Scores rocco scores toward a third is what goes into the dug up bed crews will come around and score fair chris. Oh wait as indeed quite back in it. It's seventy five w da with that call right there. Yep so look at college. Whoever's been really good offensively but there's no doubt that When you work to get him into the lineup it means it's going to be defensive compromises and other parts and we showed that yesterday for alex purdue go playing center field. The adventures were not over. Here comes to meadows swinging a high dr straightaway center moving back for go back to the track till the wall off the top of the wall and terrorist experts. The infield metals are second. He's going to try for third waving of these ona's way to the play and it did homer on those and we're all tied up and could hear the boston fans booing at the end of that clip right there from w. da. The two sides went into extra innings. This happened swinging ally dr underneath the glove of the first basement. Cordeiro down the right field line. Here comes a rose arena. Here's the throw from renfro hits late crews flying in the second. Here's raise take the lead. Ten

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