First Ancient Human DNA Found From Key Asian Migration Route

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In creatures she features smugglers and their ghastly methods in the latest novel without island. It's trolls and their targets. Climate scientists now. You giving yourself a hard job because not only. Are you talking about villains and how they conspiring to do not things or pretty horrible things like smuggling endangered species which is a billion billion dollar global industry. But you're also having to get the science right about those creatures and in the current book that you're writing about the psychology of some of these nasty people. How deeply do you go into your research in that regard. Well i do enough research to know that. I have the foundations of the story. That's when initially on working out what the book is going to be back. Then right the first draft. So i developed the characters i create the plot and structure and i create a i drop which is basically getting the story together and then i will go back and go okay now. I need to check things now. I need to decide how much of the real world. I'm going to cooperate in the book and how far i can go to deviate from it because the great thing about writing fiction is my job is to create a credible world. Now that world is for me very much based in reality but it also gives me a

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