Melvin Van Peebles, godfather of Black cinema, dies at 89


A pioneering filmmaker who helped launch the blaxploitation Aaron movies is died some call Melvin van Peebles the godfather of modern black cinema and not just because he ushered in movies like shaft and Superfly his son Merrill says his dad knew that black images matter if a single black image is worth a thousand words how much more what a whole movie about blacks be worth novem people's answer that question when he released sweet Sweetback's badass song which he wrote produced directed starred in and scored in this two thousand and four interview he said that it did not only inspire black filmmakers you have women directing films in the one even begin to think about you have Latinos you have Asian you have blacks you have disenfranchised across the board being able to do things that made possible made on a budget of about a half billion dollars sweet sweet back or in fourteen million at the box office despite being an X. rated having limited distribution and few positive reviews by critics I'm Oscar wells Gabriel

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