Building the Criminal Case for Conspiracy Against the Deep State with Kash Patel


With us today as cash patel. I think i've met him a couple of times. But my goodness everyone i respect. Speak so favorably about this man and what he did for our country and i just think so many things were happening at once and then the virus app. We never laid a chance to sit down and talk but cash. Welcome to the charlie kirk show. Charlie thanks so much for having me on you got an amazing show in an amazing following it. I'm really looking forward to chatting will. Thank you and so i appreciate that. I wanna dive into a couple of things. I i wanna make sure. I plugged this website because cash is currently being targeted by the democrats. And i know cash has to be careful what he describes it but he can say we once. But i'll say it. How i want to because he was so effective in fighting for the president and quite honestly figuring out what has happened happening behind this entire russia. Hoax that they're doing everything they can to try. And issue subpoenas and what have you against cash cash. Do you wanna talk just a second about that so we can talk about. The website will reference it throughout the discussion. Now i appreciate that and long story. Short is charlie. I was lead investigator for chairman. Nunez on the russia gate mestigation where we show the world that the dnc and hillary clinton paid for worse than that. The fbi doj lied to federal courts so they could spy and president trump but exposing that i would be the service you signed up for. When you sign up to serve but the media had I guess a different avenue in mind and basically they started coming after me so long story. Short the personal tax got very personal than they. Just got straight up defamatory. So i sued politico the new york times and cnn for defamation while we're in the middle of those lawsuits now. But i was an theory name and and so does chairman. Noon is clear name. But i've traveled with chairman nunez on his freedom tour this year and so many citizens came up to us and said we've been defamed. We've been platform by big tech. We don't have the means to do. We don't know the lawyers to call to get into court. So i started fight with cash dot com with a k. And basically i said look. Let me use my name for bad or worse to help raise money. I'm gonna pay for your lawyers. You need a day in court. Just like i

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