Does Natural Immunity Beat Vaccines in Fight Against COVID-19?


There's a new study out. That is really getting circulated. It's actually a couple of weeks old. i haven't seen it though. Comparing sars cova to natural immunity to vaccine induced immunity reinfection versus breakthrough infections. Study is quite stunning. But a new study published by it split into three groups fully vaccinated individuals may be at greater risk of cova than those unvaccinated. According to this massive study people who had taken both doses of pfizer jab are thirteen times more likely to have a breakthrough infection and are even at grassley greater risk for kobe nineteen hospitalizations. The vaccine individuals were found to have had a twenty seven times higher risk of symptomatic covert infection compared to those with natural munity from prior cova disease. Now you're not even allowed to mention natural immunity when we talk about all of this and so of course. Our leaders are so dishonest and our media the propagandists. They never ask the obvious questions. Which hey how're the really poor countries doing with covert. How were the countries with less than desirable healthcare. Now maybe you remember. Maybe you don't back in late. May there was a massive faucher virus surge in india huge daily cases that were making international news. Whatever happened to india while in utah pradesh. And we've covered this before. Do you know that you are pradesh has now reached zero cove. It how many of you would like to have zero. Covert right now in america. How did they do that. How did a poor country of india in a core part of india. How did they reach zero covert. How's that possible well. As we've mentioned they heavily prescribe ivermectin. They heavily administer ivermectin as a prophylactic and as a treatment and now they are at zero. Covert in utah.

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