New fund aims to bring more people into the climate conversation


Many communities in the us are working to reduce global warming and transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. But some people have been left out of the conversation. The whole polar bear pr campaign. You know from many years that it really didn't resonate with people of color or people in urban areas. And so what i want to be able to do is to start observing equitable and accessible conversations. That really make climate digestible for people in clean energy digestible topic. That's the a huddle director of the ohio. Climate justice fund. The new fund provides grants for hosting community listening sessions to organizations led by black indigenous and other people of color at these events. Ohioans will share their views about climate change. Utility costs air pollution. Green jobs and more many things i think are being done without resident voice in resident input in so this is a fun that is completely invested in receiving that input in documenting it. She says this information can be used to encourage policy makers to support climate action plans and craft equitable clean energy policies. We're really tried to see what happens.

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