Wet Notes - 9-27-21


This is wet notes here on scuba shock radio for monday. September twenty seventh two thousand and twenty one first up. I want to congratulate tech clark and a dive locker. Podcast on celebrating the second anniversary for those who don't know about this. Podcast tech. Started this to help die professionals with various topics and techniques. But it's not just for dive professionals. I remember listening to the first episode. Way back in two thousand nineteen just before dima that year i've come to look forward to each weekly episode tech plans to keep the show going and has teed up a lot of great new content for the year year ahead. So i'd encourage you to check out the dive locker podcast. There's a lot of great information and perspective on things that hopefully will give you something to think about. Scuba shack is a proud patron of the dive locker. By the way tech also hosts a podcast titled the league of extraordinary divers. Where you can listen to some of the giants of our industry. Great job tech. Keep it coming now. I don't know what it is. But i seem to be a sucker for a message in a bottle story. So here's another one this time. The story involves a bottle that was washed up on the shores of the big island of hawaii. The bottle started his journey thirty seven years ago from japan and it was put in the water by school children. As part of an experiment in monitoring ocean currents the number of bottles were cast into the ocean in nineteen eighty-four from choshi highschool hawaii's about six thousand kilometers or four thousand three hundred miles from the launch point now. The bottle was found by abbie graham while her family was visiting a beach near hilo. It is estimated that about seven hundred and fifty of these bottles were tossed into the ocean between nineteen eighty four and nineteen eighty five. The last time one was found was in two thousand and two on kake. Jima island overall. The bottles have been found in seventeen. Different locations including okinawa the philippines china and even the west coast of the united states. I just get fascinated by these stories and often wonder just how many messages in bottles are out there in the ocean now. Last week we got an email from the clearly clearly came in resorts and it wasn't good. News clearly came in resorts include cobalt coast on grand cayman. Little came beach resort and cayman. Brac beach resort. The news informed us that the cayman borders will remain closed until two thousand twenty two. Now that's tough at a recent press conference to premier indicated that phase. Three of the original plan will start sometime. In february given the rise in cove in nineteen cases the resorts are now planning on opening on february. Fifth two thousand twenty two. Now this has been a really tough situation. If you remember way back in april i reported that the plan was to open in late april or early may two thousand and twenty one. It's been a long and difficult road for a lot of places. Surely the caymans are feeling abroad. We hope it gets resolved before october. Twenty twenty two trip yet. That on certain there's been a great deal of communication coming from tom. Ingram the president and ceo of dima the dive equipment marketing association regarding the two thousand twenty one show in las vegas. Tom unequivocal be states. That the show has absolutely no plans. Of cancelling now they did indicate that accordance with the local health mandates. Everyone will be required to wear a mask on the exhibit floor. There are several large past exhibitors. Who are forgoing the show this year causing some to question whether it should even take place. I know we've been getting a lot of surveys from our vendors as to whether we plan to go or not right now matt and i will be there. Tom indicated that it would be extremely difficult to cancel at this late date. Given the contracts that are in place and that if it were cancelled it would seriously impact demon's ability to put on these shows in the future. So we're looking forward to a successful show this year out in las vegas and finally today. I wanna talk about a piece of underwater camera gear that you might just want to consider. There was an article from sport diver magazine by john widow titled great camera accessories for underwater photography. It was a scuba lab review of the products that the staff took diving at alexander springs in central florida. First on the list was a sea life. Sport diver smartphone housing. Now that's pretty cool. I can remember my first. Underwater camera was sealife. Reef master with a whopping three mega pixels now. This housing will fit a number of iphones and android smartphones. The housing is bluetooth enabled and his rate it to one hundred and thirty feet. The sea life sport diver smartphone. Housing comes with a vacuum seal and duly alarms when you purchase the housing. You'll get a free app that will give you access to most of your phones. Usual camera functions also included is a red filter. And if that's not enough to housing allows you to put in those sealife life color changing moisture. Munchers he i remember those now. The housing isn't cheap. It retails for two hundred ninety nine dollars and ninety five cents. Us but if you wanna travel light and still get some great underwater shots of your adventures check out the c. Life sport diver smartphone housing at sea. Life fash cameras dot com. Well that's it for this edition of wet notes here on scuba shack radio.

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