Biden slips into political quicksand amid Haitian migrant buildup


Starting off the show. Tonight we have a discussion about joe biden. Apparently he's doing more deportations than trump specifically deporting more asylum seekers than trump did well. Yeah we don't have the other categories of deportations as the numbers that That we came across. And it's a shocking number. I don't know the entire number. But i have here the us Moved over six thousand. Haitian asylum-seekers from the border at del rio so that's just haitian asylum-seekers just recently with you know the whip's did see that. Oh i saw that very scary stuff. There was ice agents. I guess they're ice. Sported patrol agents. Scroll on horseback whipping people catalyst. Yeah like cadillac. Wrangling them with whips and hitting them with the long whip. It looked incredibly frightening and in and scary to be in that situation with a bunch of armed men on horses attacking people who are just trying to escape the hellish life of living in haiti. And do you think the biden voters expected this to happen because the people on the left like biden love to position themselves as the friend of the immigrants they acted like trump was the worst for immigration and right immigration. I mean right. When joe biden got elected like somebody. I know got a deportation letter. Just and they're telling him oh. It's been a lot worse recently under biden. They told him that his friends sorry like his friends. That like is also a legal immigrant. Types may know some other people like that well according to the same place that you're looking here. It's says twitter account. Aj plus they're citing cnbc saying that biden is using what's called title forty two to expel asylum-seekers without a right to a hearing so you know what asylum is right. Yeah when you leave somewhere that is you're gonna die there or they're gonna put you in prison for the rest of your life or thereafter you for for whatever reason and the numbers here are just shocking. According to cnbc under trump and remember trump had four full years. And we're not even through year number one biden four hundred and forty th over four hundred. Forty thousand people were Were expelled under this title. Forty two during the trump administration and six hundred ninety thousand have been expelled under the biden administration under title forty two so that's a tremendous level of increase because if if biden is able to keep up the same amount over the next three years. Yeah he'd be like twenty four hundred weight. It was six hundred ninety thousand right now so yeah that'd be well over two million people well so you know that is just absolutely horrifying because these people if they are indeed being prosecuted or persecuted. They're going to be sent back to likely their deaths or likely to a prison cell. Yeah it's probably worse for you if you try to leave and then they find out about that absolutely it is. Let's see there's other story here from cnbc biden. Administration appeals judges order. This is from less than a week ago to stop. Expelling migrants under trump era pandemic policies. So there was a judge who said they need to stop using title forty. Two and biden is appealing so this is yet another example of how joe biden is more like trumpy than the trump haters thought. That trump was like people hated trump for all these different reasons and biden has continued trump's policies and crank them up. Yeah my friend. Sent me this weird video of biden today. It was him when he was younger. You know he. He's always been in government office. So i don't know what his title was at the time but he was being interviewed. Probably a senator or something. Yeah and he was saying he was saying. What do people think. I care more about bosnia than haiti because it's white people in bosnia and it's you know black people in haiti and then he just went on and said well if haiti sank into the ocean. I wouldn't care just like that was his answer to that was like what is that supposed to mean. Well i'll tell you clear what it means. It means he has no empathy right to say that about another an entire group of people living somewhere on the planet to say they just if they just all died one day he would have no concern whatsoever for that and you juxtapose that against what he says while he's running for office which is to make himself seem like this all caring. Oh the democrats we care about people that's clearly. Bs tel aviv From penn and teller thought he was going to heal us all with his love. Is that what taylor said. Y- you read that on the show. It was numbered teller's lider new saying let pendulum but tell her was going along with pen from what i could see. So presumably teller didn't disagree otherwise he wouldn't have been in the photo op. Yeah just mixed them up. Sorry according to the story here. Cnbc biden administration appealing. A judge's order to stop using a trump era pandemic policy that allows for the rapid expulsion of migrants without giving them a chance to apply for asylum. So they're using covert as the excuse. The departments for his just cove it. That's why we had to have horseback riders with the because of it. It's just you covered. The department of justice filed an appeal of district. Judge emmet sullivan's ruling thursday bars. The federal government from expelling migrants under the public health law known as title. Forty two sullivan. The ruling to go into effect in fourteen days the appeal is the latest move by the bided administration to address the twenty year high surge of migrants from mexico and central america crossing the border illegally which remains a political flashpoint between republicans and progressive democrats title forty two is first introduced by donald trump in march of twenty twenty over concerns about the corona virus pandemic. It gave the government the power to turn back any migrant caught crossing the border illegally regardless of their country of origin to supposedly stop cove nineteen. So if you had managed to escape from north korea and you made it to the united states which is no easy task. Mind you. it's one thing to get here from haiti or guatemala. Or duress or something. It's a whole other story to get here from north korea. But if he'd managed to and they caught. You did it cover. Nineteen you gotta go back to north korea and you back to north korea where you would certainly either be put into a hellish prison labor camp and then of course all your family members have probably already been put into a prison labor camp. Because that's what they that's how they roll over north korea. If you try to escape or you do something bad. They punish your whole family for it. So you know you're going to prison and it's going to be like the worst possible prison labor camp experience basically on the planet right now if they don't just go right ahead and just summarily execute you but this quote from a man at the border a haitian man with two children. He says the. Us government

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