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A P. Weather Center. I'm meteorologist Brad Martin. Right now. 74 in Plano at 75 in Dallas and 77 degrees in Arlington Gala of News time Now 706 a massive surge of Haitian immigrants have gathered in Del Rio, Texas. Under Independence Bridge as they await processing by an overwhelmed border Patrol. Retired GPS captain Jason Jones explains that Biden administration policy that's causing the surge. Secretary Mayor CAS designated Haiti as a temporary protective status, meaning that if you were in the United States, but you weren't here legally, You can stay here under this new, temporary protected status. Well, that's become a beacon and he passed that in May. Well, he just extended it. Texas Governor Greg Abbott pledged nearly two Billion dollars to help secure the border with Operation Lone Star. Meantime, the Border Patrol making a move to free up agents to patrol the US Mexico border. Many of the U. S border patrols agents have been bogged down with processing illegal immigrants and port of entry locations. This has left much of the border unattended, allowing drug smuggling, human trafficking and gang members to cross into the country. The Border Patrol is hiring civilians to perform migrant processing tasks such as checking holding cells and collecting information for immigration court papers. The feds graduated the first class of processing coordinators in January and plan to hire over 1200 Mike Trina, Calif. News Police say an 18 year old has died in 19 year old was critically shot in four other people were injured when gunfire broke out early Sunday in deep Ellum. Happened shortly after 12:30 A.m. near the intersection of North Malcolm X Boulevard and Main Street officers working in the area at the time, heard gunshots and saw 18 year old Nathaniel Pearson allegedly pointing a gun. Police say Pearson dropped the gun on command but then ran off. He's still on the run. A total of six people were shot in that particular incident. Two Navy fliers hospitalized this morning following a crash of a Navy jet training flight in Lake Worth. On Sunday. Both ejected But one Flyers parachute got caught in power lines. He was flown to Parkland, where he is expected to be okay. Retired Lieutenant Colonel Lane Beam is on the scene of the crash or was on the scene of the crash, where he was asked about training flights and students behind the controls to speculate on what the cause of the accident was, but often on these missions that are derived to help us learn. Cross country and learn to navigate on different fields. Then there is a student and then there's an

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