Maskless San Francisco Mayor Caught Breaking Health Order at Local Club


You realize the democrats are capable of. Electing somebody like london breed. Now i know san francisco is wild. I get it it's a it's a. It's a world unto itself. Most americans can't relate in any way shape perform to the antics of san francisco and maybe a great example of that is the woman who runs the city. The mayor so she held a press conference this week over the firestorm of controversy. She's facing her own city ordinance. Which is one of the strictest ordinances in the country requires masks indoors whether you're vaccinated or not now. You got to hear her explanation. This is classic. This is a typical. This is the gavin newsom. French laundry thing all over again. This is chris. Cuomo caught on tape marching through his apartment building without a mask on confronting bicyclist south in his house in the hamptons when he's the middle of fighting kovin. These guys are such a joke but consider this woman. The mayor of one of america's most famous prominence cities. I give you the mayor of san francisco explaining why she violated her own. Strict mask mandate inside the city. Jazz club incredible musicians who performed and who really uplifted the spirits of not just myself but all of the people who were there and from my perspective you know i was there i was eating and i was drinking and i was sitting with my friends and everyone who came in there was vaccinated so the fact that we have turned this into a story about being massless. No i'm not gonna sit in. Put my mask on sip and put my mask on sip input mask on. Eat input my mask on. Well i'm eating and i'm drinking. I'm gonna keep my mask off and yes in in time. Why we're drinking like everyone else. There we were all having a good time and again all vaccinated so the fact that this is even a story. His sad got better. Where's the pit about feeling the spirit. Oh we got the. We left the best part out. She felt the spirit she wanted to move. She was feeling this get them. I'll play that clip. Maybe for alfredo ortiz. Because we let the best part out. She was feeling the spirit. She's having a good time and she was vaccinated. Never mind that. The city ordinance literally requires vaccinated people to wear a mask indoors. But she's the mayor

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