National School Boards Association Declares Conservative Parents to Be Domestic Terrorists


The national school board group wants biden to use a measure. That is supposed to be about spying on al qaeda isis and legitimate terrorists so it's an organization representing ninety thousand school board officials and they've now asked the white house to intervene against parents who oppose Virus restrictions and the teaching of racial ideology. The national school board association argued this week. That parents are engaged in domestic terrorism. You see that you're showing up to ask questions from your school board. You are a domestic. You are timothy mcveigh you are eric. Rudolph you are. Ted kaczynski the unabomber. You show up to ask questions about why your seven year old is learning graphically pornographic content while your eight year. Old is being forced to be segregate segregated based by skin color which is happening in atlanta. You show up and ask the question why. Crt you're the unabomber they've asked the white house to use the justice department the fbi and the department of homeland security against protesters and as even asked the white house to consider deploying the patriot act against parents and communities leaders who opposed mask mandates teaching of critical race theory

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