Marxists Professors Cloward and Piven Called Incendiarism and Riots 'Necessary'


Let's take a listen to this In 1968 clarin and pivot Remember them the two marks as professors They wrote of something that is rarely sighted They wrote of something called movements and the census politics not consensus distances the opposite And I thought this was so important I included it in American Marxism for those of you who are interested in having its page 34 but it's important for all of you Explicitly arguing that among other things incendiarism incendiarism and riots are legitimate and necessary acts of mass movements They declared that poor people win mainly when they mobilize and disrupt the protests for the obvious reason that they lack the resources to exert influence in conventional ways This is what they wrote Such as forming organizations petitioning lobbying influencing the media buying politicians By disrupt the protest we mean acts such as incendiary ism Riots siddons and other forms of civil disobedience great surgeons and demands for relief benefits Rent strikes Wildcats strikes are obstructing production on assembly lines These were tenured professors The goal is to and I write the goal is to force the weakening of the system or as they call it the regime making it vulnerable to the movement's demands They said mass disruption both its emergence and its successes as closely related to electoral

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