There Are Very Few Julie Kellys in the World of Journalism


Sad truth. Is that people of your elk. And i always tell people checkout american greatness love american greatness. We had chris on the editor and founder for for an hour. Just a few days ago people of your ilk this about maybe five of you so people who do the research aren't afraid and publish the truth. That the mainstream legacy lying media will never ever ever ever ever publish even if you put a gun to their head. They wouldn't do it. What makes you do what you do. Total millions of listeners. Why do you do julie. Well i i don't know i'm always surprised when people say thank you for your courage and i think we'll i'm just reporting what's happening. I don't view it as anything but you know back to the old reporting days where you go through the court documents where you actually talk to people who were involved that you listen to the court hearings. I mean that's basically what i've been doing. Although i will say on january six like i said about my grandparents i thought about them and i thought they would be laughing at the thought that this is a huge battle. One of the darkest days in american history. I mean i remember watching an ira. There's some rabble-rousers but the overblown and by ninety percent of the right to and we're talking about friends of ours. Who immediately jumped on the insurrection. Condemning them this is not the mind maybe not friends. Well you're antisocial though you just go through friends and they didn't call it the problem. They're furry so just you would think after everything we've seen. The past five years in russia collusion the covington hoax counteract. The people would pick up on. What we're seeing is not real. This is not actually what's happening And so. I don't know where i was from the beginning. And then just hearing these heartbreaking stories about what's happening to americans

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