How the FBI Is Using Personal Data to Track Down Jan 6. Protestors


Stick with one more detail of this investigation that some may not be aware of. And i i haven't rehearsed any of this with you. I mean. I read what you write. But we don't clear talking points through guests. We never do talk to us about how and this is from. Friends is friends of mine. I mean i. Was there on january six. I was in the front row listening to the president and then i had friends who were in the massive crowds who knew people who walked to congress to do with the president told them to do which is to be peace and patriotic. And now i'm hearing stories of people who are living in alaska liv living in ontario. Sorry in in Oregon living thousands of miles away from dc who are in dc for the january six Celebration protests whatever you wanna call it and to a having the fbi. Knock on their door. And who are being tracked down and interrogated or interviewed based upon the location of their cell. Phone on that day is are people telling me fantasies. When i hear these stories julie now the fbi has collected. I believe what they call meta data from all of the cell tower. I don't know how this works But they are getting all the information location of private american citizens who are assembling freely in dc and then using it to track them down later yes and working with cell phone providers to get that to confirm the identity the cell phone number. It's picked up with the owner of the phone so they're working collaboratively companies giving away the information or they absolutely are yes and so so. Google is for all of the Cell providers facebook and twitter are helping as well to access archived access information that was on deleted social media accounts. They're going back and getting say posts or facebook messaging turning those over to the feds so they can use that information a really interesting case to talk about facebook memes. That were used in a court document against somebody And so they're all working collaboratively so it's not so people who weren't inside the capitol building did nothing wrong people who were just in

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