Texas Congressman Kevin Brady Fights For The Unborn


Congressman. Brady welcome to the mike gallagher. Show how you doing. Hey go get individually with you sam. How are you doing. And you're right there is Thank you for your leadership on so many conservative issues including especially pro-life you're just all over our region every day and i'm grateful and congressman brady has what's called the eighth congressional district which is just north of houston the At pretty much the most conservative republican district in america it's like eighty percent of it is it isn't it isn't it. Great to be in the pro-life state where we have the heartbeat law. Here pre born congressman. Yes so much. So and i'll tell you we are It has it has caused you know just to uprising Here in congress among nancy pelosi and and democrats in fact today this morning They rushed to the house floor a bill that basically provides abortion on demand through birth As the law land in america it will Eight imposes on demand. Boertien removes nearly all the pro-life protections for the unborn and abolishes state laws on pro-life issues including texas and others and then As any including those the prevent late term abortions. Which look i i don't understand How you know in months seventh eighth and ninth win. The baby is born alive from botched abortion. That they're they are. That is not considered a life and This bill i think goes to the worst of all of that. We know in texas The heartbeat bills already saved over two thousand lives of babies and many of them are babies of color Which is i think. Important for us to be protecting those who don't have a voice in and you've made that tastes beautifully for so many years.

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