White House Announces New COVID-19 Policy for International Travelers

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The white house has announced fully vaccinated. International travelers will be able to visit the us starting in november. That's a significant policy shift. After months of corona virus related travel bans and pierce hammer keith reports. The rules will be different though for americans fully vaccinated international travelers. We'll have to present proof of vaccination and get tested before flying white house cova nineteen coordinator. Jeff zion says. They'll also need to provide a phone number and email for contact tracing. This new system allows us to implement strict protocols to prevent the spread of cova from masters find internationally united states are firing that deal for nationals. Travelling united states be fully vaccinated. It's based on public else for americans returning to the. Us vaccination won't be required but they will have to test before and after their flights. The new protocols will replace bans on travelers from china india. Europe and

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