Netflix Wins Big at the Emmys

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The emmys were last night and netflix. Dominated the show we look at what series one and wide net flicks is the king of tv right now. I'm oscar gonzales filling in for roger. Chang and this is your daily charge. Joining us is seen at senior reporter. Joe salzman welcome joan. Thank you all right. Well let's break down the show last night be who are the big winners in and one who who won. Let's put it that way. Well we're talking networks slash service. Netflix As you noted was the true winner of last night it one more emmys than any other network at one more enemies than the next two companies combined and it was the first time in years that hit that it outright beat. Hbo and the number of wins at tied. Hbo once in two thousand eighteen but really hbo has been the king of any statues perennially for for years. It was also the most emmy wins that any net tied cbs way back in the pre Streaming pre cable dominance era. Cbs one forty four emmys in one ear. And that's the most up until the only network. That's one that many up. Until this point. So in terms of the companies i wanna flex was was clearly out ahead and then partly. That was because of some of netflix is shows the crown one At tied with the queen's gambit for the most emmys first single program they both want eleven and then among others you know there are a lot of standouts from scrappy your upstarts from apple d. Plus for example ted lasso. They're sort of sports workplace. Fish out of water comedy series won seven awards total Including big awards for comedy series and three acting awards last night so it was a big night for streaming services and a big night for some Buzzy rituals that may be people hadn't heard of before

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