A highlight from My Holy Lover's Double Life

Strawberry Letter


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So when you're making your grocery lists this week don't forget to add some for yourself or someone you love tried to. He gelato and raise the joy time now for today's strawberry letter and if you need advice on relationships dating work thanks parenting and more. Please submit your strawberry. Letter to steve harvey. Fm dot com and click submit strawberry letter. We could be reading your letter live on the air just like we're going to read this one right here right now. Yeah you never know. It could be yours. You never know bugging up. Hold on tight. We gotta pull you here. It is strawberry atlanta subject to my holy lovers daily life a double life my holy lovers double life even shirley. I'm in the three way love affair with a man. That is my pastor and my marriage counselor. I went to my pastor a year ago to get spiritual guidance. So i could stay on the street narrow in my marriage i was thinking about cheating had one foot out the door. My pastor is married. So i meet with his wife on wednesday for spiritual guidance and i meet with them both once a week to overcome the boredom and my marriage over the course of a few weeks my pastor found out about my past life as a dancer and he used to his advantage. He told me that. If i can make amends with my past and put it behind me i would be able to be a happy housewife. He told his wife that is best for its best that he and i do one on one sessions so i started seeing him alone he had me do an interpretive dance for him which is basically a strip tease without taking my pants off. I could tell he was aroused. So i lost my mind temporarily and went over to give him a lap dance from there. We went back into the closet of his office. And i closed the deal with him. He's been paying me for dances for the last three weeks and not only did it. Fire up something in me. I realized i am sitting on. My real moneymaker Although i'm thirty six years old. I'm still in great shape and i have all i need to get. The bills. paid. Pastor is a lot happier to and he is told me that my marriage will never work because my husband lacks self esteem and can't deal with the sexy woman like me. I love my husband and the stability that he provides but the pastor is well endowed and makes me feel like myself again. My holy lover has a double life. And i'm so confused about what i should do. Should i end my affair with my pastor. Should you end your affair with the pastor. You ask well. You know what they say. If you've got to ask and i'll answer you this way. Do you want to go straight to hell. Is that what you're aiming for here straight. There is that what you're trying to do. Because you're stripping for your pastor okay. i don't know if you've completely rapture mind around that. Of course he of all people should know better. I mean not only that in instead of leading you to cry. He's corrupting you. In the worst way. I mean nothing about this is right. You know this nothing about this. Godly nothing about this. is christian. Nothing about this helping you in your marriage. Nothing it's just wrong on every level. I mean there's some things in life that you should know that you should not do and this is one of them. There's nothing redeeming in this letter. And i just got to say it again. You're stripping for your pastor your lap dancing for your past. Or you're married pastor the same pastor who talked badly about your man that he had low self-esteem can't deal with a sexy woman like you or excuse me. I'm sorry. was that supposed to be counseling that he gave you when he talked about that. I don't know this is terrible. He's in no position. This pastor to give you any advice and i don't want you to be confused any longer because you say you're so confused about what you should do. You got to stop this. Okay pull yourself together girl. Think about what you're doing. You gotta break up with this pastor. This is foolishness. Have you even considered that. His wife may come in his office at some point or your husband may find out. How are you going to live that down. I just don't understand what you're doing. This is craziness you got. You got to let this go. And the pastor does not need to be a pastor. steve My holy lovers double life to me. This letters a lot about the past. That's got a lot to do with her but a lot about. What's labout volvo. Do stephen shirley. I'm in a three way love affair with a man. That is my pastor and marriage counselor. He's pastor annual marriage. Counselor you're in a three way love affair with show passing measure so he didn't council you. He counselled you right into his arms. That's the council. And he'd i went to my pastor year. Go to get spiritual guide and so i could stay on the straight and narrow in my marriage. Now listen to this. I was thinking about cheating and had one foot out the door. You told hill the snake serpent that you were thinking about cheap. You know what he heard. Oh she wanted to step out. Oh i'm counseling is so big you said you had a foot out your dope you pass passing marriage so you meet his wife on wednesdays for spiritual guys now this this. This is why we as this right here because you go down there awhile. Where's he to meet with his wife. Guide the d. Ain't all by giving you information that you need once a week to overcome to board them in my marriage. What could you go talk to another man couple to overcome the boredom in your marriage. But you leave your husband at home. I don't understand how you accomplish getting overboard him. Would you got when you take it up.

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