Why Would a US President Do What Joe Biden Did in Afghanistan?


Have to get serious because what's going on in the middle east so many people and i'm included are dramatically puzzled like we've never been quite this puzzled at what just happened. I mean i've been on the record. That i don't believe biden was elected and i think this stuff is gonna come out but that's a side issue. Let's say he was elected. Let's say he is the president. Why would a. Us president do what he did in afghanistan. It is utterly unfathomable to me in other words as upset as i am about it. I'm even more mystified. Because i feel like we all must be missing something. Nobody could be this incompetent. There's gotta be more to the story. At least that's my theory will. Unfortunately my book enemies and allies didn't come out in time. And i say that because as you read this book you'll see is i described the transition from president trump to president biden or. I'll just say president biden. There there he is. He's making these days vice president biden. That's probably more accurate. If you don't mind. So so. But i i actually profile him towards the end of the book because i knew everybody would be asking. What should we expect. It's going to be a sharp contrast from trump to biden's but what do we know about by right. Well there are some good things. He's the most pro israel person in the entire democratic party and using eight which is saying almost nothing. No no look. Let's be fair israel. Bipartisan point of unity. For seventy five years it's becoming divided now because you've got the squad Now trying to strip a billion dollars worth of missile defense funding For israel From the latest budget but dome the iron dome system which is which is crazy because it protects palestinians israeli arab muslim and israeli jews and christians but the point is there are many pro israel people in the democrat party and biden is among them but even by some of the closest friends say that his judgment on on middle east issues is is horrific and that he's been wrong on almost every foreign policy issue in the middle east off the last forty

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