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Girls Gotta Eat


So me and my partner. we're swingers. We went to the pub biweekly and we barely even knew the people we talked to you before we let alone so episode of girls got the season. But it's not so. Why are you say this. As i was tagged in the same yesterday i probably i. I know i sup- season. The means are all over the place. You guys are tackled me. I got it. I got guys hold on. Hold on let me. Just i say of fall. Twenty twenty one twenty first. Well it says wednesday it every year. It's this week it's week a fall season guys. I'm validating you. Butternut squash clam chowder. We made a fam- wait. Hold on we always do this as intros. I do have a tweet for you. Since you don't look at our tweets have just screen shot tweets to raina like she's like a parent and i'm like mom look what people are saying about you on the internet. Okay finally we have a tweet. This was on on september third. She says forget pumpkin spice soup season. Call me rain. Because i'm so hyped. You've got potato soup. Chicken noodle soup. French soup chicken tortilla soup cheaply italian wedding soup tomato soup so many soups so little time. Happy soup season at girls. Gotta eat someone cloud back someone goes taco soup and she goes. I only had a limited amount of characters to work with. Chill ella mayo girl. I would fuck taco soup. That tells the leo. Yeah but i mean also hold on that get martinez said. She meant tortilla issues but she saw chicken tortilla soup. I wanna clap. And that's what i meant by chicken. Tortilla bitch chill ella. We see china so fun. Twitter is like one of my favorite places. It's almost always gonna go and now but it's all and positive and it's really funny like people twitter's like such a great place for like you know little jokes and people say the sweetest stuff to us on twitter so thank you thank you. Bye girls underscore. I'm so happy guys. We made it soup season. Okay let's thanks on our partners where we get into it. Thanks to rory for

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