A highlight from #312 - Surviving The Great Flood

The Basement Yard


Hi oh my fuck. Welcome back to the basement yard. Why would you do that. Because we're matching people. We are matching people. Watch this yeah like with headphones. Yeah and you just fucked their whole day. I'm wearing headphones. Yeah but like people like listen to it on loud like they're so excited i don't know you know yeah between that and the intro the boom tapping potentially that's what the interest sounds like. Am i wrong. That's exactly it the basis of it for sure. Basis of the basement yard Yes of course back with also a very emotional week because there was a resurgence of a. What's his name. Bill steve from blues. I was like what the fuck we're look like blue. Do the dog that was bad. I was so sorry. i'm so sorry. No the guy the original guys. So blue's clues for those who don't know if you're a piece of fucking garp hot chick. After our time. It was like right at the tails. No i was like ninety nine hundred ninety eight ninety nine. We were fucking set. I wasn't watching blue's clues that was like super baby. Show like nick junior. I was too cool for nick. Junior nick junior ring here. No you're not you're fox kidding. Fox kids fox kids on saturdays. Never i know that. You were pokemon yu-gi-oh well okay. Thank you but that was different. You was like fucking in fourth grade. Yeah and you know how old you are in fourth grade. Not seven nine there you go. It's enough two years of blue's clues. I don't think i was watching blue's clues and spongebob watching a whole bunch of tom and jerry. Spongebob was like ninety nine. We'll get to those things. But i wanted to talk about blue's clues. Yeah he came out. Yeah no not not like. He's not like that a straight man or is he. I don't know actually there. You go now. You're in trouble now. no yeah. I'm assuming oh but anyway. So steve and blue's clues guy who's the host blue's clues great. Show where you know. You would try if there was a dog named blue. Who was this color literally blue. And then this guy who like was immaculate at drawing like little house on that path. Oh what the fuck i remember. He had that chair and he would draw that chair. Really good. I know and then it would. First of all he would just draw a circle and then just make them all connect and a big he was. He was a minimalist before minimalist. Was the thing like an art style. He'd be like Let's see let's draw this. He'd put a single line to the it'd be like this idiot doesn't know what he's doing and then he would turn it into a fucking landscape. Yeah he was like a a diet. Bob ross kind of like you know what was happening and also and like that is apparently bob. Ross was like a little more spicy than people thought because he was in the navy or something he was like a pretty tough guy nice and then apparently he talked the way he did because he heard that it turned women on or some shit like that. I heard that recently while he was right it also turns straight men on a. I don't know if it's turned me on as much as you just like. Soothing me. yeah but it's not making me wanna fuck it's making me want just like soothing is step one to the fucking leno i would say the opposite. I would say i don't. I don't get sued when i'm getting there. I'm getting like fucking like amped up. Like i know what you have to be like. Oh no no yeah. I think it's just. I'd just sued and then you need to ramp up. I don't i don't get the soothing. I just think of like you to that song that they play at every stadium.

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