Carr Throws for 382 Yards, Raiders Top Steelers 26-17


Derek Carr passed for three hundred eighty two yards and a pair of touchdowns as the Las Vegas raiders beat the Pittsburgh Steelers twenty six to seventeen car second touchdown came on a third and ten with under ten minutes to play as he found Henry Ruggs for a sixty one yard bomb can be so fast speed kills and that's one of the advantages of his speech showing up to where he could get open like that so fast and so quick the the bliss you know they didn't even know really I mean it got there but I had time to throw rugs hauled in five passes for one hundred thirteen yards and the score Jon Gruden's raiders are now two went out for the Steelers Ben Roethlisberger pass for two hundred ninety five yards a touchdown and to pick Dante Johnson hauled in nine passes for one hundred five yards Pittsburgh's now one and one Josh Rowntree Pittsburgh

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