More Than 20,000 Haitians Are Gathered in Colombia for Possible Migration to US


To this. this is this. Is stephanie rule and julia. Ainsley on msnbc now we have to turn to texas where the migrant crisis maybe on the verge of getting a whole lot worse. You've seen the pictures of haitian migrants camp under a bridge in del rio. Roughly twenty excuse me twelve thousand of them but now we're learning that thousands more could be on their way from columbia from panama from peru. That can triple the number of migrants in south texas. Nbc's mortgage huskies in del rio. Julia ainsley covers the vhs. She broke the story about this new group of migrants. That may be headed here. Truly at what. Can you tell us if you'd think about what has happened in haiti in the last few weeks in the last few years. It's a dire situation at home for them it is. There really isn't a home for these people to go back to stephanie. A lot of these haitians left their home country. Some around the two thousand ten earthquake others during the devastating events. They're both natural and political. That have occurred in haiti over these years. They've been living in south america. Many of them were there around the olympics. In two thousand sixteen their opportunities there have dried up. It is very hard for them to find work or find any way to feed their families and now according to internal documents that we obtained last night. Dhs monitoring a group of more than twenty thousand haitians that have all amassed northern colombia. Maybe the next group to come here. They're also more than a thousand and panama more than a thousand in peru. they're also monitoring these groups to see if they come. Thousands of haitians are gathering in other countries preparing to enter the united states. All dude to to to joe biden and his policies all due to this administration's open borders remember. When hillary clinton dreamed of open borders. It's coming to fruition.

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