Apple Won’t Let Fortnite Back on iOS Until the Epic v. Apple Verdict Is Final

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News around the app store and fortnight epic asked to get fortnight back into the app store and apple said no that is basically the news going ahead deeper cult amac's as epic asked to get fortnight back into the app store and apple said hell no quoting the cult. Tim sweeney founder. And ceo of epic games revealed apple's decision on twitter. He included an email from mark a perry a lawyer representing apple with the specific reasons. Hey remember that time epoch. Straight up broke apples rules and launched an all out. pr blitz against apple and the app store. Yes seems that rubbed apple the wrong way quoting the report again. Perry points out. That epic committed an intentional breach of contract and breach of trust like concealing code from apple and making related misrepresentations and omissions. He's referring to epic secretly adding a direct payment system for in that purchases deport night. Which at new was against apple's rules. This caused apple to kick the developer out of the app store. In twenty twenty calling such actions duplicitous peres response to epoch said apple has exercised its discretion not to reinstate epochs developer program account at this time. Furthermore apple will not consider any further request for reinstatement until the district. Court's judgement becomes final and non-appealable

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