A highlight from EP 213901: Chase Elliott, Kevin Harvick, and Kyle Larson


Your fingertips with the pr and mobile app. Download today available in the apple app store and on google play. It was like the good old days at the bristol motor speedway saturday night with drivers fighting mad on pit road. After the checkered flag fell as the opening round of the cup series playoff ended with fireworks between chase elliott and kevin harvick. It cost both a chance to go to victory lane the to climb from their cars to confront each other immediately. I couldn't hear him. He had his helmet on and stuff. But you know. I'm twenty five at least take my helmet off to have a conversation with him and he's forty years old so nothing. New elliott also said it was nothing new harvick did a maneuver that forced him into an unscheduled pit. Stop as they battled for the lead. He gets tired of racing with you. You know he runs on your left side and sometimes it cuts down. That's a move that he pulls often now whether he did it then on purpose or not doesn't matter it's happened enough to me against him. That enough was enough. And i'm not gonna put up with it anymore. Certainly may off with harvick. Trying to hold off teammate. Kyle larson elliott. Came back onto the track aiming to make sure harvick didn't win. I just told him it was chicken what he did. I mean the guy hangs on my right roof indoor every week and we're racing for the lead at bristol and you throw a temper tantrum like that. God dang i wanna rip. Somebody's head off right now. Harvick would eventually wind up the runner up to larson who grabbed his first ever cup win at bristol. Real stay close to kevin and chase was obviously upset with the contact and was just making things kind of tough on him and it kept me in the game and you're able to make some moves on their late so yeah fundraiser have always wanted to win here. So qualifying finally do it. Finishing third william byron fought his way from below the cutoff. Line to making the round of twelve beating out eric. Merola and tyler rettig by only two points kurt. Busch missed the cut. By six and michael mcdowell by forty nine. Hi this is doug rice when the pr in crew visits las vegas we stay at the south point hotel and casino bright now. They're giving away a five thousand dollar. Vip race package for the spring of twenty twenty. Two las vegas nascar weekend. It or at south point four hundred dot com and you know there

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