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Show opener this week. no time to rant. I'm going to town so instead. I'm doing a quick p a for a new effort that i think is interesting and i know it will be of interest in probably really helpful for lots of just love cast listeners. Out there those listeners. Who tell me that. They were subjected abstinence education and harmed by purity cultured have been helped by my podcast. Well dr kristen. Mark is an endowed chair and tenured professor at institute for sexual and gender health in university of minnesota medical school and she has created something that she is calling the abstinence project. hey dr mark. Thanks for jumping on the phone this morning high. So so what is the absence project. And what are you hoping to do with it. Well the option is project really aims to uncover the harms of abstinence. Only sex ed through the art of storytelling. So people submit their stories of how abstinence only sex. Ed impacted them. Because we know that when abstinence as the only message provided to young people they tend to experiment with sex earlier they tend to have more unintended pregnancy. Sti rates and it can also really have a lasting impact on the way that people sexual gender identity develop so we are collecting stories from people to have them highlight the harms that abstinence only sex ed has had on their lives storytelling. Well i think when you attach a human experience to something like this it really becomes so much more meaningful people like stories. They like being able to relate through lived experiences right. And i think that the human experiences or one of the only ways to truly bring two sides of an issue together. You're doing something that i think is a little sly reminds me of maybe the sanatorium neologism campaign. You're calling it the abstinence project in hopes that when people search traps. And it's on line they find you. Yes that is the plan so people out there online searching for a comprehensive tech center probably gonna find some pretty decent resources but there might be some people online looking to learn more about abstinence. Education may even think it's a good idea and your hope is. They'll find their way to you exactly. So where can people find the project online and working. They submit their stories. Yeah they can find the abstinence project online just that that the absence project dot com. We're trying to be super clear about that For the exact reason that we just noted so they can just click on the link. Submit your story. And they'll will be submitted their also tons of stories for them to look through and read about other people's experiences. Lastly before i let you go. How has abstinence education still thing. I think people out there generally believe. We're not wasting money on this anymore. That it was kind of a clinton era. George w. bush era thing and then obama came into power and took over and then donald trump is an interesting anyone being obstinate. How are we still wasting money on this when we know it doesn't work cats great question. There's a lot of powerful entities. That lobby policymakers. Though to get the government to fund this abstinence only sex ed and funding is largely up to those state and local governments and also sex is often the first thing to kind of be used as a ploy within different bills and getting past so even though we might think that. Somebody's gonna be really supportive of comprehensive inclusive sex. Ed often the in those little negotiations like this happens. During the obama administration the abstinence only lobbying groups will come through and Really get that piece of the pie into bill. That obama can't veto and so then obama and spending money on absence education that he didn't want to spend and it's just continued. It's like this ghost ship of bullshit floating into high school still. Yeah definitely and there's so much fear around it within those high schools right like there's the concern. The one of the problems is that the loudest voices are the smallest number of people like more than ninety three percent parent support comprehensive sex ed but those who oppose the pro- programming are the loudest voices. And those voices really mount pressure to cave and just stick to abstinence messages. Only hope that the rest gets covered elsewhere and they harm people absence messages. Harm people yes. They sure do We have seen that they that shame and guilt that is embedded within abstinence only messaging harmed people well into adult sexual development. All right if you have an abstinence education miseducation

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