Wendy Hallett MBE, Managing Director of Hallett, Talks Working From Home

Woman's Hour


Government is urging people to return to the office. What impact is that going to have particularly on women. Many of whom have been working from home for over a year. We've had such a huge reaction from our listeners that we wanted to hear more. Boris johnson's called for a gradual return over the summer. The chancellor and some business leaders are calling for people to taper off homeworking for the sake of their prospects the economy and their wellbeing but research for the bbc art today shows that in an increasing number of jobs are being advertised with the option of working from home where we're gonna hear directly from listeners with a range of us and experiences all on all of this but i i'm joined by wendy hallett at wendy was a senior manager retail group arcadia and she oversaw top shop on street in london are on twenty years ago they. She founded her own retail company to create a flexible working environment for herself. When her children were young and nice she advocates this for her entire staff. Wendy welcome went very invited me on wendy earlier this week. We heard this suggestion. That civil servants should get their pay docked if they continue to work from home and the times newspaper has the story today. That tech companies. Google is planning something similar. I wonder if you think a financial penalty is the way to get employees back to the workplace and indeed if they need to be going back to the workplace at all. I definitely don't think that Starting off with looking at financial penalties to get back in the office is the right way to go. I think the fact that that has been so much more working from home so much. More flexibility for men and for women. It's not just a female Issue gives us a huge opportunity to look at how we do work so i think to come coming on a negative which he shall we pay is totally wrong and i do think that we should be looking at flexibility. I wouldn't advocate everybody working from home every single day but i think there should be now a flexible approach. This is a huge opportunity to narrow. I think the pay gap of anti changes the way we look at working going forward.

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