True or False: Debunking Money Myths


True or false lease like our. It's simple cheap. False car-leasing is one of the biggest scams in the finance world. Carleen plans were invented by the car companies. Why the heck do you think created them in the first place or funsies for charity. Now they did not. They did it to make money for them and not for you. And i'm not on their side. I'm on yours drawer false. You can negotiate your credit card rate true. I've done this a bunch of times. I've helped listeners negotiate with their own credit card companies. in fact everything is negotiable. So ask for what you want or you'll never get it the end drawer. False package deals always offer the best breaks false ish if you're moving into a new apartment and you think you'll be using cable wifi and a landline. Sure you'll save money on a package deal but are you actually using the lamb line or are you just paying for it because the website says it can save you big big bright all caps bubble letters and are you actually going to watch any of those premium channels. I wouldn't so if you're not planning to use all of the programs in the package no matter what it says in those all caps promotions. The cartman you is the way you wanna go true or false you can use your full spending limit on your credit card false. I know if you get approved for a five thousand dollar credit limit you think the limit is five thousand dollars but if you max out your credit card your score is going to take a major hit so your actual spending max should be between thirty and thirty five percent of what you're on. Paper spending limit is true or false. You will need to make a will no matter how much money you have true. There is a common misconception that you only need to write a will. If you're a mega rich bitch. Living in a mega mansion. That is not true. Even if you're not a rich bitch yet you probably have some assets and if you don't have a will the state will decide what happens to those assets and of the state you better than you know yourself probably not so get that will done because where there's will there's a way

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