Soccer Star Rapinoe Disrespects Her Country


Named megan re pino who just quite simply hates this country she and most of if not all of her Teammates on the us women's national team routine routinely kneel during the playing of the national anthem Or the presentation of our great colors the stars and the stripes. She has publicly advocated for support of this position By supporting the originator of it from five years ago quarterback colin kaepernick an avowed communist supporter. A castro fan who believes that the united states is a systemically racist country. Sodas meghan repeal no so do her teammates on the us women's national team. Now they played a game in the qualifiers for the For these olympics and again not having watched a single kick all i can do is look at scoreboard. They lost badly three. Nothing to switzerland or sweden or somebody. I don't care whoever they are. I cheered for them because they were beating up on people who hate my country even though they were wearing the colors that represent my country. You see. I believe in the mathematical equation of a negative. Negative is a positive if a negative anti-american Like meghan were. Pinot is speaking ill of my country. I am going to be negative towards her and root for her opponent. And that makes me a proponent of my country. Because i don't want anti americans representing america so mega on the soccer team. It was pretty much guaranteed because of the best team on the planet or have been for the last ten years or so that they were going to win a gold medal and then during the gold medal presentation at the tokyo olympics would probably have taken in the or d'amato and other some sort of a protest to tell the world that america is oppressive toward minorities or toward gay people or toward whatever their their agenda is the follow up to that loss to switzerland or sweden was a game in the quarterfinal round. I'd leave as the quarterfinal round They just play two days ago against canada. Our neighbors up in the great

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