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Near divorce crisis averted just snapped up by top publisher for third boot. Still waiting to be found out dad again. Don't of this time though. I would you drive. A broad camps for russia's buzzing blue take blue tick more find on amazon still. Uk's number one motivational business speaker time to quit now. What fourth book. No longest gained not longer depressed actually quite balanced unhappy wife. Still whingeing fuck sake. That's the bio of my awesome yesterday. Brad hey brian how you doing my friend. You know. it's amazing to listen to that bio and just some of the my life and is a few things of not added since up point which is just thinking. Oh we have a lot of other story ended in twenty sixteen and their stories continued from that point on you know lots of stuff is happened. Lots of stuff. That numbers predicted. No matter how clever you are lots of still third that you could never predict today. It's just yet so. I'm good but this last. Nineteen months has been difficult and challenging. And it would be a lie to say otherwise so right now in so much so much stuff as the people in two thousand fifteen who are going. I know what i'm gonna do in five years time but none of them got it right so i think this is the thing no key you you his ability to be able to adopt and so many people kind of don't doubt so many people wait to see what happens if you wait to see what happens. What's gonna happen is you're going to be business so it's time to move time to change something going absolutely absolutely and that's really. That's what we had to discuss today. Because you've got a cracking movement that that is really building momentum hashtag we are the cavalry. So i guess too obvious questions. What is it and where did it come from so i think when it came from. I've always been interested in miniature. Still one of the most amazing stories was pegasus bridge. Where the army if you stayed on that bridge overwhelmed whilst they waited for the coverage arriving in terms of the support and spitfires whatever and they waited waited and actually they can never arrived as they should have so. Consequently what's happened is your money. A machine gun nest waiting to have the cover and their right. And i think that's what's been going on for the last nine months so many business owners kind of anticipating sending if i shoot straight question. How long did you anticipate this thing to go on for. When it first started good question. I must admit i did kind. I was bought. Me was kinda thinking this could drag on twenty twenty one but a big part of me was thinking hopefully. Hopefully it'll be over by summer. We'll be we'll be back again. I think that's really what it was. The government unquote right. We're not preparing them for the long haul is prepared. People fault was kind of shocked to two weeks to say the nhl dot kind of still. And actually i've hundreds of people have lost three or four weeks dot question an average the average answers about forms. Some say six three if you said to me based on median forms. So we're now nineteen twenty months in two so that sixty minutes longer than the average of what people into its. We prepared for three to six months as a network wants five thousand strong business network means k- that went overnight. We took online. And we've really prepared for three to six months and then somewhere along the way literally about three weeks ago. Four weeks ago and across the confidence in this office. What's going on and that's this question. Am i out for this. This being governor that work in a business. I didn't move thirty six hours osler so process. What the main thing is going over and over again and actually at the end of it came back. Punch-card came ahead said forget. You just tired thought. Well if that's how. I'm feeding and i'm not doable. Positive more bulletproof mindset. If i'm feeling tired. And i'm feeling self down. Then guess what everyone is not go onto this stinking thinking. Well we've all been waiting for the cover the coverage never arriving. It's never arriving. So that's why it came from jamie. Have no idea where it came from other to say the actually the coverage not arriving thought me you people like me right now doing this way. I'm supporting you your supporting me. That's the opportunity presents itself so random waiting for the kind of you know the gutman to come and bail us all out onto saw yes. They process the whole thing. Brilliant opposed but loan fifty thousand pounds. Three days later. I know about long gone. An arrangement was bored. Paid off me debts that we own because the company which times to forty two point six million had done to nothing so so this is a real case of adopting and so many people waiting to see what happens and people don't like a line that working prefer face to face. I'm going to wait 'til options again. You know at some point you go break cover and hide in isn't a strategy is going to work forever. And that's where the recovery movement right now in the process of actually drafting a mission on manifesto. We're the cavalry mission. A manifesto about gonna show he told. But that's not within. Like i say no ping what tomorrow brings a dare no is doing. Nothing isn't gonna fix this. During the mike on a second enough there you go there. You go nine. We're looking at trying to create a movement where actually people small businesses go out to that we cover will mean by that is that keithly noble cause post gets lost nineteen months. I've mistake some face based online. That the hashtag where the coverage the company thing and you just gets compensation salkin. And i'm hoping i'm going be to some big players support this because you know that isn't gonna fix this anymore. Really if i said to people in could you handle this for nineteen months vast majority people. Of course you know when we started this thing we didn't know going to be nineteen months and you'd have said of course not then and the way you forgot that you don't prepared for six months and i think that's what this is about. It's about waking people. This is what we are. We don't know where we're going to be in a year's time. But i do know if you'll part the cover. The more chance of being here in makes a lot of stands a thing the thing that that Really

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