Ravages of COVID Surge Evident Inside Missouri Hospital


I'm Missouri hospital that had no copay patients just two months ago is now dealing with the July surge the ravages of the fast spreading delta variant or becoming a parent in a state with one of the nation's lowest vaccination rates lake regional hospital in the heart of Missouri's lake of the Ozarks region has seen twenty two people die from the virus in the first twenty three days of July the lake of the Ozarks region averages five and a half million visitors annually local counties vaccination rates are less than forty percent doctor how much Sanga is lake regional's chief medical officer big time though the virus orange here lot of admissions lots of people who are very sick and I'm dying thirty one year old Darryl Barker was against the co the backseat and so were his relatives now he's in the ICU at lake regional transfer from Branson where the hospitals are maxing out six year old son and wife Billy Barker said outside his ICU room in lawn chairs looking in through the glass any side effects that you're going to have from the being vaccinated are are way better than having to do this I'm Jennifer king

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