Near Death Experiences



To be clear. Pam's heart and brain were both stopped. She was d- di dead. The plan was when the surgery was finished. They would warm pam's body up to regular alive person temperature and then do the shock paddle thingies to restart her heart like jumping a dead car engine. There were molded ear. Buds in pants ears playing clicks decimal level of a jackhammer or jet. Engine taking off that way. If any part of pam's brain registered the sound it would appear on the monitor and they would know that brain activity was not all the way dead and look. I'm no brain surgeon. So i don't know what happens when the patient you're working on is supposed to be dead. And then isn't like they're about to cut out the aneurysm. And then all the sudden the monitor shows brain activity. What do you do be like. I guess she's not dead enough. Why anyone goes into. This line of work is beyond me. But i applaud you as pam later reports as the surgery is beginning pam. Dear lifeless pam. Here's the drill. Turn on its buzz coming out like a natural d. The doctor or nurse by her legs reported that the artery was too small. I don't know if you know this but apparently they go through your legs to get to your brain during surgery. I may have mentioned before that. I'm not a surgeon. Another doctor says to try the other leg pam then says she popped out of herself through her had she could see twenty doctors in the room which seems like an immense number of people. But i don't know how brain surgery works. She looked down on the scene and could see the tray with the drill. Bits and the drill itself which she said looked like the handle of her electric toothbrush. That's when she was pulled toward the bright white light as she stepped into the light. Her dead grandmother greeted her pam wondered to herself if she deserve to be there. She wasn't a perfect person. She thought i'm not sure how she knew where there was. But i imagine if you're dead and you're walking toward a bright light. It's a good guests. You're in heaven and her grandmother said as a child. We expected that you would spill your milk. It's the manor which you clean it up. That gives us cause for pride

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