Multiple Homes Threatened in California as Wildfires Continue to Rage


Wildfires from Oregon and Northern California to Utah to Montana. Further south, the issue entirely different. It's heavy rain much needed by which have triggered some dangerous flooding. His A B C's are in shock Monsoon rains drenching the Southwest downpours, triggering dangerous flash flooding, stranding men in their vehicle in Arizona's miracle to county rescued by a helicopter from the high floodwaters flash flood threats in multiple states some spots seeing rainfall rates. Topping two inches per hour over parched land, unable to absorb the downpours fast enough in Utah rivers raged in Capitol Reef National Park and the so called The Dixie Fire is the largest wildfire now raging in Northern California. So this Dixie fire has already scorched almost 200,000 acres and is now threatening thousands of businesses and homes along Lake Al Manar's West Shore. Blaze broke out almost two weeks ago near the town of Paradise. Remember that that was devastated about three years ago by the camp fire that killed 85 people? It is 6 50 right now. In

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