Radio Host Jennifer Horn on Larry Elder's Chances of Winning Recall


Where is larry larry's right at the top. But what's even more important because it's all about question number one. Do you want to recall gavin newsom. It's a to question ballot. I one do you want to recall him. And there is such a tightening in the polls. I honestly didn't even expect this but the l. a. times and berkeley got together. They did a pull that found. Forty seven percent of california voters supported recalling gavin. Newsom fifty percent oppose it. But it's a three point margin of error this is this is neck and neck right now. It's split down the middle. And you know these. Pollsters always oversample kratz in the state. So i am very encouraged. And i think a lot of it had to do with the secretary of state trying to keep larry elder off the ballot and we were on the air last week together at this very time when a judge ruled in favor of larry elder he couldn't have purchased better publicity. So larry elder. According to this survey the same survey is ahead of all of the other candidates and he is in. He's got a pretty good commanding lead. Actually he's got sixteen percent of the votes according to this new poll and then he's followed by john cox and kevin faulkner who were tied at six percents. This this is the way thing. And i love it. I mean it's poetic justice for the democrats that you have this system where it's one ballot. That has the recall question. And then all the candidates on the ballot so with a sixteen with a sixteen percent margin or not margin. but we're leading with with twenty other candidates. Larry could win easily. Absolutely all you need is really. I keep going back to about eighteen to twenty percent of the vote.

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