A highlight from The episode with the 7.30 update


Range though thanks for everybody. Welcome to episode. Holy shit is at one seventeen. I've actually forgotten it. Some episodes sunshine here with senate. How are you good. I'm good shannon. Sound like your grade. I'm really impressed. That gives everybody can tell. We did hire someone fiber to sing the intro. Usually let today shannon has to do it because we're at a different setup. He doesn't have it right. So let's since it might be a semi long episodes. Try to not not make it so but let's talk about where we are and then we can just get started with is on the agenda which is only one thing So i will both center. And i were invited to esl. That's the thing that we couldn't discuss. Because i don't know why they waited so long to announce the talent but we in mid air when they announced it I am actually in germany though. Because i'm doing some content. Which i don't know if it's even going to be done in time or the tournament itself but it might be with me cinder me slacks and purge so. That's a lot of fun. I'm actually in the esl offices right now. Can you guys. Can you see this syndrome. Yup account now. This is how good is. This is shane's office. He was very nice. A if you guys. Don't know shane that shane all mad from the old days. Nice enough to allow me to use his office. Thank you but the setup with the overland couldn't get working this is why there's no intro tila janke. There's no remember our twitter usually up here syndrome. People don't know where it's now. I'm sorry what about you. Where are you. I'm in i'm in stockholm shannon. Wow what are you doing there. I'm gonna be working the event right yup. Because you're doing your thing. And i'm going to be doing my thing and the tournament starts tomorrow and teams know exactly what they're doing on this patch so that's going to be crazy. Yeah that's the most fun about these. New patches is when there's a tournament right after the only have time to adjust Okay so yeah that's going to be the only thing we're talking about today Is this the seven point. Three zero patch notes. So we're not going to go through every single thing. We're gonna talk about the stuff that we think is important Which may or may not even align with you and me syndrome. But i'm sure we'll get a few here and there and then we can talk about if we like the update and stuff like that and we'll be good to go and we go over about. How much frog listens to the podcast. That's true that'll that'll come with each individual change of course So out of these general changes Which one do you wanna talk about. You do all the general once. They're always important. Okay so captains melt second. Pick phase changed from dia radiant dia radiant to dire radiant radiant dire assuming rating is the first pick any thought that means the second pick team in my opinion has a stronger second-phase now i think i don't know what the data wasn't the previous patch or the pro teams perception of it which sometimes more important than the data almost But supposedly this to put second pick in a better position they now get to phase closing picks phase two and three instead of one face. Coaching can only phase three. It's always like this balancing thing. Delta will have where how valuable is it to have the final pick of the draft. Is it so valuable that you need to be behind in the other two phases or it only valuable enough that you need to be behind in one other face right

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