A highlight from Fahrenheit: Positivity on the Internet and Other Topics of Interest

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I guess and we're just fucking around honestly alert alert alert alert new episode of the podcast haven't had in a few weeks because Well right so. I fucked up fucked up confession okay. Here's what i did. We reported in our in fifteen minute. Long bypassed roughly circling around the topic of the golden rule. It was a great episode. I never got around to editing it. Because i got busy caught up with the shit that i'm doing right now and Then my computer decided wanted didn't wanna do computer things anymore and okay so i normally do is. I'll i'll take an episode recording authority to the editor in an i'll save both the raw version. Amu- diversion onto my i clouds. The encasing happens to my hard drive. it it is not completely destroyed but in this case i never actually got around to doing this just set on my computer's hard drive and then my computer decided not to do brand new mac. Pro im- one chip it. Just give up on life so i had to completely erase the hard drive. Erase the operating system. This is really interesting. Racy operating system and reinstall everything and so i. I lost it. So that's that that sucks. I'm currently putting up our our podcasts. From less time on lost media less media no no. I'm putting up. The fact that we lost media will never find it again. Oh yeah way. Which website is there are. A few is it. A website lost me. There's a loss media website. I can't find there's a wiki. Maybe it's just a wiki. I know but there's a lot lost. Media is a big thing actually follows several loss media twitter accounts really or cancelled. Media's well so we put our podcast up there until they like what the heck is this and then they take. This isn't a media that anyone cares about. I guess we could like rehash kind of. I guess like the bridge version of what we discussed during august. Although my mind is really There right now honestly. Maybe we should come back to that again. Okay we'll tell you we'll that discussion or just know that we really good episode ready for you. That was centered around the golden rule. And the feasibility of whether or not humans can actually reasonably expected to live by the golden role. If you don't know what. The golden rule is Your home wearing google or something. don't google it nausea Duck duck go it. Because google was an evil empire of privacy violations and corruption and anyway regardless google does not live by the golden rule. Now no i totally unrelated no. Please check out our youtube channel. Youtube is owned by google. That was the joe you oh you yeah push check out you chill hosted by i. It's been owned by google for like sixteen seventeen years. Yeah i forgot. Do play another video out today. Maybe editing it. And it's another top ten. Such the binary upton yes the binary top yep so we do that with new video released like a week or two ago a few weeks ago. Yeah i and then. I've got another one that i was getting ready. I had some I've another one as well. But i have a dvd acidic no dvd Of mine to get some footage to make that video but so that videos get into light and get into my stuff and find my old dvd's noche boilers. I'll even know what you're talking about. Only adam doesn't even know what a dvd s objectively subjectively enter the a few albums that i've preordered them excited to get also new. Angels and airwaves album is coming out in september very excited. That taylor swift is redoing. Her red album. The taylor version so i poured that. Because you know. I'm working tillerson see name. All these want her new versions. Just tailor-made red tailor made no. She missed that opportunity. Yeah it's just version. Yes she missile opportunity. Yeah taylor that combs. It'd be lost a time now. That idea i ordered the new useless ideal which is a punk Punk album What else is new or claro. Claro which is like no. Now she's like a young girl Are like our pop or like Discredit anyway quite a bit naza album. The new nozzle they came out with a king z's to features like lauren hill. Would you hear from very much anymore. Eminem which still here from quite a bit ep. Which you don't hear from much anymore. So i order the nose album What else I

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