J.J. Watt's Secret to Mental Strength

Men In Blazers


My guest today is a bona fide. Day great american born in waukesha wisconsin plus with superhuman quality size strength power quick hands and feet america to dominate. Nfl lines of scrimmage since two thousand eleven defining himself as a warrior. One man wrecking crew future hall of famer. National women's soccer league aficionado box jumping legend who's also a chelsea fan extraordinaire. Welcome to men in blazers. Mr. jj watt. Thank you roger to kind. That was good intro. Jj are so many reasons. I revere ye above old your journey to becoming one of the best players in nfl history which has been a saga overcome challenges after another defying doubters haters illness injury along the way it said that addition to your physical gifts you have intense mental strength the ability to set your mind to a challenge and make it. So what's the secret to perseverance. Belief and dana confidence. I think it's partially a little bit of craziness. I think that there's probably a little bit of insanity in there where you go through some situations where people would say. Maybe now's a good time to stop and you say now. I don't think it is whether it was some of the injuries. I've gone through with my back the broken leg or transferring schools in college. Whatever it is. There's always been some people that said this the right decision is this the right thing to do and for some reason or another way. My parents raised me. When i was a kid. The answer has always been absolutely a threat thing to do.

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