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Today on chester jape mills is the founder and ceo of chasing the stigma of hope. We are going to be chest into him. About how the pasta has been and how the on the charity have been helping people over the past year. Jake welcome back to mentally yours. Thanks for coming. Thanks for coming on again. Now thank you. I i think the last time we were chatting to you about the hub. Hope and chasing the stigma It was really in the early days when it was also sets up and i think it was maybe one of our first episodes but it was certainly about three years ago. Said tell us how things have. Come on with the help of hope and chasing the stigma since we lost chatted about three years ago. Yeah i actually had a look. I'm as to when it was of interest. And i actually e mail ju it was in two thousand eighteen and i about you saying they said i i. I've got on this thing. We've just launched a on the app store. So when i when we did speak it was It was very very early on him in in the world of the hope of how tasteless digman. We're obviously excited about what we're doing what we created. And we're having some early successful Let's just say. I think things have progressed on. It's funny because when we when we launched this even before we launched it. I'm we believe that. Obviously we obviously believe. The hope of hope was needed. We obviously believe that it would be am used an nba success. That's that's the reason why why we've been able to create our tiny real food into north stafford and like that but what we've been able to do Since we lost chartered. I has been to make the hope of hope. The nation's goto signposts and tool. I'm so just to just to put some context. I've anybody didn't listen to the to the first one but the the hope of hope is a directory of mental health services Each brings together all services of different kinds in one place. Whoever thought is nhs mental health services or is private or charity groups or peer support groups. What we wanted to do was just to create one place to find. Help support to make it as easy as possible. We didn't want anybody to to struggling with the mental health. And think well. I don't know where to turn because we know too. Many people suffered in silence without that knowledge drought. The that understand of what today. So that's that's kind of where it came from what we wanted today. And what we've since doernen uncertainly since we spoke anyway Is we've taken that concept on. We've we spend probably those last three years trying to prove a concept trying to prove that it will work. That is needed thought. It is simple arrival that we're not a- competition that we're not commercial business trying to make money off the health. That would try to do things for the right reasons in the right way and take our time now. The hope of hope is being used on. Nhl start uk It's involved in government reports and i. It was recently included. Indie am cova nineteen While mental health and wellbeing recovery action plan we've got signpost in partnerships with the nhs trust charities and we're just trying to create this consistent message to say if you're struggling with your mental health. Go to the hct. Fo- pump find what is right for you. It always amazed mass. When you set up in the first place sunday night. That had already been done. The nhs who may be by another charity that didn't exist to have wilder things in one place So just to again suv. Anyone who's new to this whole kind of concept so as a user say for example If you struggling maybe with ocd or if you're juggling with bereavement how does that she worked for in terms of like a user experience. What he then do yet. Just starting fast. Puerto rico every single day every single day since we started this thing. Can somebody's done this. Surely surely somebody's donate i is. It's the most simple obvious idea. I'm on it's ridiculous. It hasn't existed before this but what we wanted to do on kind of where it all this came from is that because odd struggled with my own mental health and i had a suicide attempt about eight years ago and my story when publican being asked to to give interviews about my experience and as a result people come to me asking me for help and i had no idea i had no idea. I didn't know how to get help. Self mind being able to help or the people quickly realized just how many people were going through something without realizing that there is help available. And that's what we wanted to change so we wanted to make it as simple as possible. A wanted to to take somebody from wanting to find help to be able to to find help without any barriers away with otani questioners without any anything having to ask somebody else. So the way that the hope of hope is being built dot. You go on and essentially what i wanted to do. Was i realized how in this country you can travel anywhere anywhere in this country you can get on trade go to a city or town. You've never been to in your life but if you want a pizza or you wanna corey you know what to do. You don't question. I go on an op and you find a notice one and you find it and just know that. I want to take that same instinctive same really normal process and put it into mental health services. So if you think that way. I it's very very similar. She can be anywhere in the country and you go on the hope of faux pas an op which is a free app or on hope of hope coat. Uk and you can either type in our city of postcode or you can just press a button that says find nearby services and it will use your devices location to pinpoint the nearest support to you. It will show you support that's available closest to you. I'm you can then be fine. You'll say based on what your concerns. What is that you need help with so that can be depression. That can be anxiety that could be an osce can be a number of things. I think we've got about thirty seven different filters and not a nangi can then fair the filter. You search looking for whether you want. Nhs services awebber web view want charities or wherever you want private but the idea is that we want you to see all the options that you've gone because we know and you know that it's about options it's about choices that we all deserve to have those choices. We all deserve to have those options. And i it's not a one-size-fits-all approach so evident that the hope of hope is there for is about a neighboring peoples to find what is right for them and based on what they feel is right for them we want. We want to empower people to make those decisions themselves absolutely because it can be very complex

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